Friday, December 15, 2017

B.B.B.'s Goodbye Giga sessions: Riley part 1

Hello everyone, I do hope you are all doing spendidly well today! Boy, do we have a B.B.B. update for you guys: this time around not a preview but a full session, in the form of another one of those "Goodbye Giga" sessions which I have already shared a fewbefore - today's lucky Bdoll of choice is the ever pretty Riley Bdoll who gets in the golden spray's way, in one of at least three full length sessions! That is right; Riley here not only gets a mere single giga session but has a few upcoming ones! But enough about the talkative stuff, let's jump eight on ahead in the generous delights!

I do believe some of you are not fully versed with the Riley Bdoll since I do not think I properly introduced her officially speaking (but I may be sadly mistaken of course!). Essentially the Riley Bdoll came along not too long ago and after about a dozen of so session, I decided to part ways with her, hence why she became a contender in the Goodbye Giga sessions! I do know that I did post at least one Riley preview clip here on this blog and at the P0rnhub clips page, but I do not know if I ever did release that Riley introductory post or not. In any case, I am sure that now you are well aware of here, and you can scope out this, her first in a series of Giga sessions, by checking out the link below:

Since this is not your everyday typical BBB session, there is no slow-motion recap of the main focal action point, but I am sure that you will nonetheless enjoy this session, especially if you are a fan of the Giga side of the BBB and enjoy watching cute little Bdolls getting soaked in golden warm delight! Riley is a perfect little blonde Bdoll and she enjoys every single moment of the splashy pissing! Go on ahead and go check out the full scene, uncompressed and ready to be enjoyed: