Friday, April 20, 2018

B.B.B. preview: Jennifer Stone "Blasted Again" (cumshot only)

Well hello there! How are you doing today? Well would you like it to get even better? You have come to the right place as I am showcasing another magnificient B.B.B. update on my blog! That is correct, and boy did I finally start posting these updates on a more regular basis since last August or September, didn't I? I guess what helped a lot was the fact I was on an extended vacation, and actually took two whole days to re-name, re-classify, and edit a bunch of previews and make a bunch of updates to this blog and to the BBB videos page over at P0rnhub, enough to get a good foothold back into the "game" (as it were) and from then on, attempt to set some time aside here and there to make updates a wee bit more regularly than what I used to do. Anyway, you did not come here for an old story about an old guy blabbing about, you came here for some good B.B.B. fun! And so let us dive straight into it without any further delay!

So as you can see quite clearly, this week's B.B.B. update is centered around the lovely Jennifer Stone Bdoll (named after the real life Jennifer Stone pornstar: , although I did just discover that there actually is a legit hollywood actress named Jennifer Stone! Oh how the confusion shall reign!). In this particular session, she gives me a very good introductory tease on the couch, complete with a little handjob tease and then a very fun little leg and footjob action, before the innevitable move to the old story-room for repositioning on the Joanna Cum Rags to become the target of my excited affections! And much like a previous, very similar session with Jennifer, I ended up blasting away a very decent sized load all over her and the CumRags! What fun we had! If you think this B.B.B. session might be right up your alley, then please do not hesitate and click on the link below to be transported directly to the cumshot-only preview clip over at the official B.B.B. P0rnhub videos page!

I hope you have all enjoyed this one and I look forward to being installed in my new home soon so that I can continue to offer you some fine B.B.B. updates for your enjoyment! Take care!

Friday, April 13, 2018

We found an apartment + lease is signed!

AAaahhhhhh... One major stress is finally lifted! That is correct, as the title of this post exclaims, my wife and I finally found a place, and the lease is already signed! After quite a few visits over the past weeks (as apartments really start to "come out" when tenant's lease renewals are subject to renewal, around the 1st of april every year), my wife and I went for a visit and decided that we would take it, if the landlord approaved of us! Because this year's been quite a maddening experience, and as my wife put it, it is a landlords' game this year. So anyway, lots more work to be done, but at least the major one has been taken care of.

The story as far as I can tell it (and I will try to be as direct and concise as possible) is that my wife saw an add online and immediately applied. We sheduled a visit maybe the next day or the day after that, and we went to visit. Everything sounded perfect in terms of location (i.e. remaining in our "hood"!), disposition/arrangement (top of triplex, 5 & 1/2 rooms), not too far from a metro (subway) station for easy commute (although those fucking horrid new Azur metros they have imposed upon us for the past 2 or so years are absolute torture and an assault on senses). So we went there, myself really keeping my hopes in check because so far our luck hasn't been going very well.

Upon entering the place, only one thing cam through: it smelled like death. Not the decomposing carcass type of death but rather the stench of a sickly person who smoked constantly. Even before we entered the apartment we could smell the stench of cigarettes, not just stale but fresh as well, as though this place has been an enclosed burial place (A CRYPT! I was struggling to find the right expression!) for decades. Next, the "decor" and what you can expect from the deteriorating state of an apartment having been lived in by a full-time smoker for 14 years (as we learned from the landlord): Horrible colors everywhere and of course the side effects of smoking on walls and whatnot. In essence, the place looked and smelled like hell ("The smell of death"!) but the size and of the overall place and the arrangement of the rooms was very decent. A very nice double-sized living room (which will also double for my wife's own personal space room), an OK bathroom (ever so slightly bigger than the one we have now), two good sized bedrooms (not as big as the master bedroom we have here, but it'll do) and a very nice-sized kitchen complete with a walk-in pantry and a broom closet! Plus a good backdoor balcony as well. In essence, my wife fell in love with the place and we knew we had to do everything in our power to get it. Luckily for us, the landlord said we were the first ones to respond to his add, which he had to take offline because we was getting dozens upon dozens of requests per day, and so we got first dibs on the place.

So while my wife walked to the corner depanneur which also had a few chairs and tables for it's little cafe place inside, I walked to our present place to get more paperwork while she filled out the application form. After that I walked back to the new place, deposited the enveloppe in the landlord's mailbox and returned home (not before I saw another prospective tenant, a smoking man-bun wearing pseudo-hipster). That night my wife and I talked about what we would need to do if we got the place because it would need a serious overhaul/cleaning-up/make-over.

The next day my wife texts me at work and says the landlord will be coming to our present place to sign the lease! That evening after work, we did the quickest cleanup including a quick bathroom cleaning and vacuuming like you wouldn't believe, like we have never done before! So when the landlord came, the place was as clean as it could be (at least at first glance), and we proceeded to sign the lease, which took almost a half hour because the forms have multiplied in size and complexity since last time we did this. And when he left, we almost immediately felt this pressure, this weight was lifted off of us, and started taking steps into looking into a mega cleaning de-contamination company to do a clean-up before the complete re-painting, because an apartment who has been inhabited by a full time smoker for 14 years can not simply be re-painted over and expected not to have that horrible stench linger.

Anyway, we decided to also take the apartment in June, so in the month of June 2018, we will be paying two rents: one for the new place so we can do the decontamination as well as moving our stuff, and one for the currect place so we can actually take our sweet time over the course of a month to move. It's going to be quite an expensive summer for us, but at least the stress of finding a place is over! And on this note I must leave you for now because my wife is waiting for me and as you can imagine, this is crunch time starting now! The countdown has begun and we must now prepare as well as expect the unexpected! Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!

PS: Today april 13 2018 marks the one year anniversary of the passing of Mika Vainio, a true genious (unknown to most) in the electronic noise/sound experimental world.