Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BBB Preview: Sylvia Laurent sexy & blasted (cumshot only)

Hello and welcome to another BBB trailer / preview post! This time around we get the stunningly beautiful brunette Sylvia Laurent (aka Sharon) as the center of festivities, and she has something in store for the good old ButterCock in this session, as she is dressed up in a super sexy attire, and then pleasures the Butter with a leg job, a handjob, and all while watching porn on the TV!

The teaser trailer preview (I don't really know how to call them or to reference them anymore!) features only the 3-angled cumshot sequence, with a slow-motion recap of one of the angles at the trail end for good measure! You can check out this preview sequence by following the link to my Butter_BBB videos page:

Although this couldn't really be considered a facial clip since I over shot so much of my cum above and beyond the desired target, this is one of my larger and more powerful cumshots. I don't know why but it does seem that Sharon (Sylvia Laurent) does at times coax some bigger loads out of me, but who knows? Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little venture in the BBB universe! Enjoy the clip!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Film reviews of Rinse Dream's Party Doll A Go-Go

Although many would argue that these two films are neither classics nor the better part of late director Rinse Dream's legacy, these are part of my "unicorn" films I simply can not seem to be able to find. Back in the back I had rented & copied the first Party Doll A Go-Go film on VHS but subsequently lent my tape to a "friend" who quickly dissapeared with it. Since then, the film was re-released alongside it's part 2 but now that DVD with both features has become discontinued, and thus this side of impossible to find. Although since that time I was able to score a few scenes from these two films by purchasing compilation DVDs with focus on specific stars, I am still eagerly awaiting to get my paws on this rare puppy.

Rinse dream was considered, at the very least, a real visionary who concocted these weird tales around the sexual porn universe, at times being quite un-typical and classified as un-sexy, save for the explicit sex scenes. Party Doll A Go-Go is considered his last attempt at doing his "thing" in the video age (he used to shoot on film stock before the industry changed to video), but it is a trully hit or miss affairs. On one hand you get guys like me who see the magnificience buried in his very psychotronic post psychedelic style, while others simply see these as bad typical 90s porn. In any case, I am not the only one who found something appealing in this, as I am reprinting for you (but also for me as to be able to go back there myself as a reference) a couple of reviews from another blogger. I have added a few pictures and some clips I was able to find, but don't get your hopes up too fast, as these are but previews of the feature(s). Read on if you care to know more!

Review of Party Doll A Go-Go part 1:



Review of Party Doll A Go-Go part 2:


In addition I decided to up and share a review from the same blogger about part 4 of the Devil In Miss Jones series. Parts 3 & 4 were shot on film by The Dark Brothers, and were filmed as one long experience, divided into two features due to the lengthy nature of the sex and story. Part three is my personnal favorite of the two but both have their own moments. Read on the bloggerman

Review of Devil In Miss Jones Part 4:




Monday, September 18, 2017

BBB's Goodbye Giga sessions: Crystal Rae (part 1)

It has been a very long while since I showcased, edited, or even just talked about the Giga part of things. For those of you who haven`t been reading for very long, I shall be as brief as possible as to not bore the living daylights out of the old faithful readers! Giga is essentially the piss equivalent of bukkake. The term Giga never caught on as much as bukkake did, and so it comes as no surprise that barely anyone ever uses the term Giga. And since BBB stands for Butter's Bdoll BUKKAKE, I adopted the term Giga to describe those scenes I (all too rarely) shoot involving piss instead of cum. A couple years ago I was asked to do Giga sessions before donating some of my dolls to someone, and I thus started a very lengthy "Goodbye Giga" series featuring these dolls which are still part of my arsenal as I write this, but are essentially retired and waiting to be donated to a good home.

So the first in the series of these "Goodbye Giga" sessions was descided to be a focus on the Crystal Rae Bdoll. Why, you may (or not) ask? Well because like a few other in the "Goodbye Giga" series, she has a few of these sessions in storage. Some dolls only got one Giga session, others like Crystal here, got a few. And it is with great relief that I have finally edited one of these crazy sessions, which may not look like much when you see the finished product, but are quite a hassle to sort and sift through, since there aren`t as many "markers" in such sessions as more regular cum sessions. Anyhow, if you want to enjoy this session, it was uploaded to the BBB videos page at P0rnhub, and seeing as though no slow-motion was required, I was able to upload the un-reformated high-definition AVI clip, which means the image quality should be of a superior nature. Check it out for yourself here:

Hope you dug, and I hope you have enjoyed this post even if the pictures do not really reveal much of anything. Check out the full scene and stay tuned for more to come up soon!