Tuesday, May 22, 2018

B.B.B.preview: Savannah & Michelle B "CumFaced" (cumshot only)

Hello again everyone and welcome to another little B.B.B. preview update! As you can imagine it's quite literally the last few weeks before the big move and we are quite swamped with getting everything ready! This is why I am going to keep this post somewhat relatively short and direct to the point without too many "artifices"! So without any further procrastination, here is today's preview featuring the lovely Savannah and Michelle B!

Part of the Savannah and KLS in lingerie fetish gear sessions, and coupled with the lovely Michelle B. Bdoll, this session is one to be commemorated, for after having teased and pleased the ButterCock for a short while, both Savannah and Vicca position Michelle into position for her to receive a forced facial! Well not that it is all that much different for Michelle is very well versed in facials and other sticky cummy goodies! Still, Vicca and Savannah make sure she is center stage and the perfect recipient for another great  cumshot session! You can check out the three-angle cumshot only preview by following the link below to be teleported straight to the video on the Butter_BBB P0rnhub page!



Oh yes, a lot of overshots all over the electronic gear a few feet away in the back! Sorry for the horrible pictures as the set-up was not 100% perfect for such picture taking! Enjoy and stay tuned for more BBB delights to come in the future!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

amateur porn mini focus: Margery28

The concesus online is to saw "Shhhh... don't mention her name! Private message me to find out", because for some reason or another it seems she needs to remain a secret... It is therefore quite an astounding surprise that one would post their material online, complete with their faces (amongst other body parts), especially in today's porn age, and wish to remain anonymous. I mean in the simplest most possible way, it sounds too paradoxal to be true... On the other hand (read on)...

Maybe whoever (or those whom spread this anonymous request while re-sharing the material) is in the camp of of "let's not have everyone discover this little gem in case everyone jumps in on the wagon and sucks out all the life and originality from it", trying to keep the "artist" as far away from prying eyes as possible, perhaps attempting to keep the secret for themselves. It's a bit like those posts I recently did (maybe some haven't yet appeared but they are scheduled) where folks just did not want to openly share the "secret" they just stumbled upon. 

In any case I myself stumbled upon her material quite by accident and at first I was not too impressed. To start wish, most of her online material is cam shows, so the quality is lacking. I am not judging one's material strictly by image quality but anyone who has seen these cam shows know that the "fluidity" of the motion (more specifically, the frames per second) is nowhere near that of a "real" camera. The result is a bit disapointing but again, some people have no choice but to use the means which they have, and when their primary focus is selling live cam shows, well the idea of using and external camera for the purpose of download and re-upload at another time seems quite time consuming and against the purpose.

Anyway the point is that I am not the only one who enjoyed some of her online delights as catalogued by these clips and screencaps that others have managed to do and distribute online. I fully respect the non-disclosure and rather hush-hush nature of those who do not want to have this little gem become over-exposed, but as I said, once it is online, it seems to be stuck in cyberspace and redistributed forever (I mean just look at my own BB clips and this very blog: they are copied and re-posted all over the place by bots and automatons wishing to attempt to get internet clickers and mouse operators to click on their pay sites!).

Hope you have enjoyed this little showcase, as it was quite a challenge and yet a pleasure to bring it to you in as much of a complete form as I could! Have a great day!