Wednesday, November 22, 2017

B.B.B. preview: YASMINE's First Facial (cumshot only)

Good morning everyone, wishing you all the best and hoping all goes well! Today's B.B.B. preview comes to us with the gorgeous Morrocan Bdoll (yes, they actually manufactured this doll as a Morrocan one!) named Yasmine Lafitte after the Morrocan ex-pornstar! This is her official first post-unboxing facial session, her true baptism if you will, and as you can see she is still in her original outfit, complete with her original hair! Take a quick look at these selected pictures from her session, and enjoy!

If these have tickled your interest, then I strongly suggest you head on over to the official B.B.B.videos page at P0rnhub and check out the cumshot-only preview featuring the three-angles of the cumshot. ANd yes, I do try to emulate the european french when I cum, so maybe this will surprise some of you who have never heard me cum in french! Check it out now by following the link below:

A bit of a sad note: I will be taking some time off of this blog because it seems I have just caught a nasty cold, and it isn`t going away, plus I can not take time off of work so I`ll be quite busy. In any case, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to rejoin you soon!

Monday, November 20, 2017

German amateur KATY MAUS

Hello everyone: I decided to share with you a new find (at least for me!) in terms of online porn amateurs.  Say hello to the delightful Katy Maus! If you require no additional means to enjoy her material, then I suggest you head on up to her official website over here: and scope out the feww samples she has to offer, but BE WARNED: YOu have a limit to how many free previews you can watch / download! There is a lot to sift through and have I known there was a limit, I wouldn't have just jumped on the first page's worth. Luckily, these I was able to get were of the gangbang bukkake variety which I have re-shared with you all here amidst the other goodness I culled from a few places. Now, let us enjoy the DIY amateur germanic lady doing a few things for our voyeuristic pleasures!

Katy Maus was born in 1973 (hence my interest in her since she isn't just another flash-in-the-pan barely out of high school waif!) in a town near Hannover in Germany. Officially speaking in terms of honest-to-goodness official porn releases, she was active between 2004 and 20074 appearing in four porno films, three of which were distributed by the DBM Video company. However she has been much more active via her own website. What really differenciated her from others and why I actually took notice was that she would once in a while hold "Cumshot Contests" with subscribers to her website, to appear in some of her own productions! You know me, right? Anyone who takes cumshots seriously is deffinately worthy of being more carefully watched!

As I said I was only able to get about 3 or 4 official previews off of her website (not knowing there was a limit to the freebies!) but I did manage to hunt down other clips from other tube sites, including her official Xhamster page (well, mostly from that page!), which she obviously uses to promote her website. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this little post I wanted to share with all to honour another hard working lady in the DIY porn business! If this tickles your fancy, go check out her official site at and remember that if you wish to download some of the free previews she offers, pick and choose them well! Don't go blindingly in like I did and jump on the first page's more alluring available material!

... hosting cumshot auditions...! Man, wouldn't that just be an awesome thing to witness! She records them all for the paying members of her website, and of course this means that she picks and chooses her spunk swordsmen quite carefully! Wow...