Saturday, March 17, 2018

Some of my favorite cumshot clips found online

Please note that most of the pictures accompanying this post are mostly unrelated to the clip(s) being showcased and described. If any pictures do match up, then it was a sheer stroke of good luck! Now onto the post:

The internet is an absolutely mind-boggling source of porn, enough to cover the history of humanity in spunk and other bodily fluids, and there is almost a sure fire garantee that with enough patience and a little effort, you will be able to find something to your liking! While most people are content with the most regular type of porn, such as naked bodies of women, others have more hardcore tastes, and the internet has adapted to such a demand, creating porn which is mostly specifically directed at very particular people and niches. This post here is but an example of some of the better cumshots I have found online which, in most cases, are internet-only or specific material. That is to say that while a lot of porn online actually comes from legit official porn companies and such, another big percentage of the X material is of the DIY variety (Do It Yourself), either in the form of fan re-editing of material, or just regular folks attempting to showcase their own pornographical adventures. While there is an incredible amount out there which is so worthy of being cherished and appreciated, and it is impossible for me to keep tabs on even the slightest fraction of it all... here are a few choice selections I managed to compile for you, a little personal vanity post of mine where I share some of the better material I culled from the not-too-distant past online. Hope you enjoy!

Above: Well if I had to choose one Ian Tate (retired english stud, more on him later) clip I found online would be this one but since I had subsequently found it on the Harmony DVD "God Save The Kink", I guess it wouldn't count as an online find anymore, so...

Above: this one would be quite similar except the opposite happened: I had found it on a DVD first, and then saw it uploaded online, so again this one doesn't count. However it trully is one of Tate's more voluminous explosions!

Above: if sheer volume is the option here, then this one above would easily count as a monster plastering. I am sure this one comes from a DVD movie as well but I haven't found any data concerning it online... but finally...

If it is sheer preference and that it is counted in terms of effect and maybe not the most prodigal and spectacular powershot, than Tate's somewhat aggressive facialization of Samantha Bently from this unknown sequence would surely be up there in terms of pure effectiveness!

Above: Ann Darcy, that now quite popular gothic girl in eastern europe who sells her stuff on ManyVids as well as her own paysite, has racked up quite a monstrous amount of facial cum clips (as well as many others). However due to the very high deffinition of her clips, most are impossible to re-share on regular sites such as this one, including the more spectacular cum shots. As a compromise, the clip about which is a re-sized version of a larger-sized clip, is a good indicator of what her large cocked boyfriend can produce when inspiration hits him. Again, this would not be my first choice, but those clips are just too large to upload here!

Above: Here's a guy who started out on Xtube or PornHub or Xhamster and used to shoot strictly solo clip of cumming on mirrors, on tables, tributes, etc... However at one point he obviously got a girlfriend and they shot this cumshot clip where he does deliver a very fine facial plastering, but since that moment, he has never released anything else. We can all speculate as to what has indeed happened to him, but suffice it to say maybe his girlfriend did not wish to continue forth as an internet facial catcher! Still, a very, very, VERY effective clip!

Here is another classic for those of us who hunt down large cumshots. It originally cums (ha, ha, ha!) from a french guy who did two, or maybe even three of these short clips in total, all of which are very good cumshots to say the least! I chose this one out of the two (or possibly 3) because it seems to represent a bit more of what he could have become in the underground DIY world of pure amateur online porn. Such cum shooters should be appreciated and encouraged to continue! Alas, he too dissapeared as quickly as he was discovered...

Above: a favorite cumshots selection would not be CUMplete without at least one selection of Mr Cumshot himself, the legend of Peter North! Trouble is, Peter comes from the pre-internet era, so almost all of his clips could not be considered internet finds. On the other hand, the vast majority of Peter North material is discontinued and no longer available to be enjoyed in home video format, so essentially, much of the North material could be considered internet finds when viewed in this light! For the purpose of this post, I decided to try to mix a bit of both, showcasing a very unique Peter North scene with his then girlfriend Jewel De'Nyle, in a Suze Randall shoot. This is the BTS video of the infamous photoshoot itself, and there is a copious Peter North facial on the lovely Jewel towards the end, so I guess this counts as a selection! Maybe not the world's best end-all-be-all Peter North ejaculations, but in terms of internet finds, this one is easily right up there!

Above: In similar fashion, legendary stud Jon Dough (R.I.P.) also hailed mostly from the pre-internet age, so most of his performances could not fall under this blog post's official categorization. However, in this classice facial clip on italian ex-pornstar Selen (Luce Caponegro) from the european film "Private Affairs", whoever uploaded it found another angle of the popshot and split the screen in two, synchronizing the cumshot to create a true multi-angle experience! Also, this happens to be easily one of my top 10 if not 5 popshots from Jon Dough ever, and thus this is why I added it to this category!

Above: well it wouldn't even be close to a real one of these without at least one shemale/tranny/he-she/lady-boy example, and when it comes to amateur internet-only content, this section is seriously never lacking! In fact I have always wondered how come all these fine lady-boys who to this DIY stuff on their phones or webcams or whatever, and who obviously shoot much more than most of what I have been exposed to in terms of commercial tranny porn, aren't given exclusive deals by the major studios? As a good example, I chose this clip, one of four as far as I can tell, from this anonymous ladyboy online who really is a massive shooter! Like I said there are more than a few here and there, but this one is quite impressive. I counted ten solid sprays of cum... TEN! Enjoy!

Above: If you were able to stand the shemale clip, then surely you will not mind a lonesome dude just jacking off his load on camera! And again, much like my comment on the DIY trannies versus the industry performers, so many of these DIY guys could easily outcumshot most of the legit performers in the business today! So why aren't they picked up by the major labels? Well I'll get into that later, for now just enjoy this guy who absolutely gushes a majoy fucking load all over himself and the floor! Very fine stuff!

Above: Now you don't get more DIY online clips than this kind: tributes! Yes, and believe you me there are so many out there, guys who make it their M.O. (like mine is Bdolls), others who do it for fans, others who do strictly celebrities, and yes there is even one who only does Emma Watson tributes! Anyway, again the list is quite massive in this category so I basically went with an easy one instead of thrying to find "the" ultimate cumshot tribute clip! This guy sure has a very nice load for the ladies as he displays here in this big boobs tribute!

I think this is the girl from the clip below!

Above: If you have hunted down for amateurs and DIY homemade porn, then the next couple will surely be very well known to you, starting with this one, which has been in circulation for some time now, mostly in its edited form (the last 15 seconds or so). It's a classic of the genre due to the girl's honest reaction after she takes the facial. In this version, it has the slightly longer intro instead of cutting directly to the cumshot. I am sure you too will appreciate how this one was handled! And yes, I probably have posted it before and it may probably not be the last either!

(Above: BONUS: I found the clip from which the above animated GIF file was made from!)
Above: Another so-called classic in the amateur DIY circuit, stranger to none if you went online searching for raven-haired beauties taking facials. Anyway, I do not know if this is the best quality version of this video, as most of these tend to get re-edited and re-formatted and then reposted ad-infinitum from various sources. In any case, this one made an impression on me not just for the cumshot itself but for the girl, being quite cute and attractive, and willing to take her facial! You got to love ladies like that!

Above: and another in that hugely popular re-posting all over the internet category - everyone surely has seen this one a few times all over tube sites, but this one is actually the multi-angled version: yes, that is right, someone else was also filming this very cute lady taking a near perfect facial pasting! Although it is a "classic" in the sense that everyone has indeed seen it at one time or another, it is still worthwhile in my opinion especially for the multi-angled version. Hope you enjoy!

Above: again, another "classic" like the few up above it. This one slightly differs because it is not the full length clip and it isn't part of a CUMpilation of shorts: this is strictly the facial cumshot version, made for those in a hurry! So granted the girl is hotter than hot and the cumshot is quite impressive, and so it essentially means it is one for the ages!

Above and below: remember that post I made not long ago about porn and performance art? Well here are two clips which are obviously from different people, but follow extremelly similar patterns: similar action, similar angle, and even the cum pumping is similar - notice how the cock(s) seem to not be able to stop cumming with each jerking motion from the ladies. Basically, it could almost be the same clip but the fact that these were done completelly independantly of one another makes these, well... unique! Both are worthwhile and have highly re-watcheabiliy value, as I am certain you too will agree!

Above: Here's another one of those "been re-shared online for ever" in various formats and qualities, some filks attempting to pass it off as their own by cropping the sides to emulate the filming from an iPhone. This version, perhaps the closest to what I could find as being possibly the original, shows the cumshot in all it's proper glory: the first spray seemingly never ending, similar to some of euro stud James Brossman's earlier "pissing cum" type of spunking. I always was turned on by this clip and find it both unique and very arousing. I hope you find it entertaining as well!

Above (and below): Here is another one of those clips we have all seen a hundred times on a hundred different sites, and yet it still survives because it is simply that good! This gorgeous blonde lady acts like a pure pornstar and received a mega blasting for her generous efforts! Although this version of this clip may not be of the best image quality, it is a slightly longer/expanded version of the cropped one featuring strictly the cumshot in itself. A true classic in my book. In fact, I was quite ecstatic when I accidentally stumbled upon this OTHER one from the same couple (onviously!) although the cumshot is just a little less impressive than the clip above. Still, when an amateur couple does more than one clip and shares it online, it is always a reason to rejoyce!

Above: This is an interesting one because it actually features two (ex) official pornstars: Skin Diamond (retired) and Winston Burbank (retired). Thereason this FULL BJ clip (and not just the cumshot) is in this post is because it was actually shot for an internet-only company. That is correct: this is not a pirated copied scene lifted from a DVD and shared online; this is actually a web-only scene, which is why it makes the grade for this post. OK so this is far from Burbank's better loads but I could not do this post without actually putting at least one Winston pop!

Above: Another legit mainstream porn performer/director and producer who really should not be part of a blog post as this due to the fact that I do believe that most if not all his contributions to the world of porn exists within the realm of official DVD productions, one can always play the thin middle ground line of DIY CUMpilations done in homage to such performers. OK so I am stretching it quite a bit by doing so, but riddle me this, BatReaders: if an unknown DIY editor online edits without any monetary production support a CUMpilation featuring popshots of an honest to goodness porn performer, couln't that be considered an online find? While you ponder those semantics, enjoy that little Jazz Duro popshot compilation above, another decent ejaculator in the world of proffesional porn!

Above: similarly to the previous Jazz Duro CUMpil, here is a Danny D. cumpilation for your enjoyment. The reason I am putting up this one amongst the other WWW=only (and others in the more grey-area) clip of this post is because Danny was quite lucky to have struck a few exclusive deals with modern porn companies who principally release stuff exclusively through their online websites before re-editing them into DVD releases for old schoolers like myself. In essence, while Danny D may be an official porn stud of the modern era, his web-only based work for such companies as Brazzers for example who cater mostly to online services before any physical medium, would indeed allow me to actually showcase such material on this particular post. And like Jazz's cumpilation above, whenever a fan does a cumpilation to be strictly enjoyed as an online file, well it falls into the web-online only category making it more than elligible to be part of this post!

Above: I am uncertain but these may be web-only cumshots (in a homemade cumpilation format) of Danny D. for those internet-only companies I was mentioning earlier. More reason to enjoy ore popshots and facials, yes?

Above: Shemale time again! In this clip, an unknown DIY amateur dressed in a schoolgirl uniform jacks off to a mighty impressive and explosive load, again re-enforcing the comment I made about how the amateur online circuit of lady-boys seems to be putting the majors in shame! As I already mention, how come these trans are not being asked to star in official porn releases?

Above: this is one of the few cum tributes this tributerdoes. His "gimmick" (if you will) is doing cum tributes only on images of pornstar Gioanna Michaels (maybe that's why his online handle is GioannaMichalesFan ?). Seriously though, he has done a handful of these, and although the concept may proove to be somewhat limiting, he does produce quite voluminous loads which just end up being quite tasty to look at!

Above: Another solo shot - this clip has been in circulation around the internet quite a lot as well, but still there is a major reason why it works so well. This guy has a gorgeous cock and he sure can cum quite a generous load! I chose this one because it does fall in that "classic" category, especially since I do believe I may possibly have more than one clip from this guy. I will need to do some serious digging around, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one nonetheless!

Above: You most probably have seen this one before because I most probably have posted it on this blog before, but seeing as how much like many of the pre-internet age porn has not survived and is now long lost, only those who have managed to transfer some of these onto virtual files can be considered as saviours of delicious porn from the long lost past, especially porn made outside the major channels of the day, in the form of what they used to call "loops". In todays terms, and strangely enough it almost mirrors the internet industry, loops were essentially stand-alone scenes not part of a longer length movie. So it became hard for companies who made money selling 16mm prints to folks, to convert to the VHS and DVD age, let alone that of online sharing (especially since all those people would have aged considerably!). In any case, here is a pure classic from the 70s, a veritable feast for the eyes in terms of money shots, especially considering that the 70s were not yet fully perfected in the art of capturing a proper cumshot on film, and how many performers would not take facial of mouth cumshots.

Above: Exactly like the one above it, this is another "classic" from the 70s from a "loop". I was lucky and discovered the name of the loop and of the lady in the clip, but alas I still could not find anything concerning how to hunt down a DVD version of this scene. As an old ex-friend of mine would someimes say, at least we have the internet versions to keep us happy in that respect! And man, what a beautiful, glorious load that is, isn't it?

Above: like the two previous clips, this one is also considered an internet find because chances are the film from which it came is most probably long gone and was also in all probability also a european-only feature which us north americans never actually were able to hunt down! Difference here is that this clip seems more from the 80s or maybe even the earliest early 90s for that matter. It's a gorgeous moment, one which may not be up to par with the previous two classics in terms of volume and consistency, but the way it is captured and played makes it magical to my eyes! (PS: I found out where this clip is from! This is just for my own information: Rossana la Ragazza dello Scandalo (1992) Also Known As Bites expertes pour chattes à l'essai (French version, Europix), directed by Antonio D'Agostino (as Richard Bennett), scene 4 Rossana Doll or scene 5 Luana Borgia

Above: Another classic from the 70s loop era, this one was of particular historical significance because the main jizzer dude actually went on afterwards to play a "companion" in the popular BBC show Doctor Who! Of course, back in those days (long before anything near the interweb), such information association was not as quick to hit the mainstream, and said sperm sprinkler was able to survive a normal post-porn existance before anyone got "none the wiser". He only did a couple of these loops anyway, and although in some versions of these 8mm loops you only see one angle, people have speculated that all these sequences were recorded in at least two angles. Hope you enjoy this sprinkler!

Above: These guys were an internet staple, so much so that a DVD company picked them up and started releasing their once online-only scenes as official DVDs. However, the DVDs couldn't compile the sheer volume of when the MIKE IN BRAZIL guys were releasing in their glory days. One guy out of the dudes was quite a monstrous jizzer in his own right, which made wanting to hunt down these Mike In Brazil scenes a more important activity. He did dozens if not hundreds of these scenes, and almost everyone is worthwhile, especially to witness the unsuspecting girls' reactions to when he starts eploding all over them. THe above clip is an instant classic and perhaps one of the most well known and easily recognizeable moments from this guy... and the poor girl's reaction is indeed priceless! I'm pretty sure I have a better quality version of this clip somewhere in my archives on CDr and DVDr, but that will have to wait until... another time!

Above: I could not do an internet finds post without at least giving some props and respect out to Sinister Foxx... Ah yes, she of the almost too perfect a formulae and good looks to be online for too long! Indeed, for a very short time, the true DIY amateur Sinister Foxx had an online tube site account where she shared her amorous adventures in all it's rather low-fi grade quality, until she just upped and dissapeared! For many, this is far from the better form of porn out there, as so many other amateurs online, even those not there to make a quick buck with pay-per-view paysites, seemingly are, but her generous and down to earth self just made it all that more special and magical.Anyway if you read my blog in the past I have mentioned her in quite a few of my posts, always saying how she disapeared without a trace. Anyway, all of her material is worthwhile in my opinion, and the clip above I chose was strictly an edited version of a longer 3-4 minute clip. This one is just the cumshot, which should give a little bit of a hint as to why I view her as so special!

Above: "Cumshot On Teen Boobs Handjob" is the title in which I saved the file, and this is another one of those re-shared and re-posted all over the interweb under various names and titles. In fact, I do not even know if this is the better quality version in semi-high-def, but for the purpose of this post, I hope you will forgive my lacking of hunting down all the available versions. In any case, it should proove and drive its main point home which is a perfectly captured handjob jerk-off facial tit cum clip, with a beautiful lady and a great cumshot! No idea who are the performers and if they ever recorded anything else, but this particular clip really drives it home and is effective as it can be! If I ever find a better version of this, you can count on the fact that I will share it on this blog! I hope you enjoy this one!

Above: a thousand apologies because I know there are better versions of this clip out there, and I know that somewhere on my external DVDr or CDrs in my collection I have a better quality version of this classic clip (and so many others from her!), but for the sheer sake of attempting to share with you some of my personal favorites, this one must do at least for reference. Everyone knows of internet sensation Naughty Allie and her cumshot hijynx, as she landed herself quite the jizzer of a partner! In fact, most of her earlier material was indeed a cumshot fetishist's dream and she took on various facials and cum play sessions from her very powerful stud buddy who would always deliver a great popshot. Although there are many, many, MANY clips of Allie and her beau which could be considered quality classics, I chose this one because it has a very special unique synergy and connection betwen her and her POV camera holding cock spurting boyfriend/husband. It's quite a sight to enjoy and always a hard-on inducing experience, which is why I chose this one above the many others I could have just as equally used in terms of examples as to why this stuff is pure gold! Hope you enjoy!

Above: I have mentioned and shared afew of her material on this blog on more than one occasion (in fact a special post I did on her a while back I returned and added more stuff on a few occasions as well!), and felt it was unfair if I did not at least share something of hers on this specific post. Yes, you guessed it, the DIY amateur asian know as Katsumi (not to be confused with the ex-pornstar Katsumi, renamed Katsuni towards the end of her porn career) fit the bill perfectly in this post, and I decided to share a short, small CUMPilation of a few of her cumshots culled from her semi-expansive repertoire of available clips. OK so there is ONE mega super spurter of a load clip she has become a legend for, but if you allow yourself to get into it, most of her material is quite erotic to get lost into. I hope you will find at least one load in the above CUMPilation that you will deem worthwhile of you time and effort!

Above: Shemale time again. I wanted to do a special specific focused post about this particular lady boy but since there is so much going on right now and on my probverbial plate that I thought I would at least give you a teaser of a taster. So obviously this is cam-oriented material and thsu very DIY amateur, and what seperates this one from most is that the lady-boy is accompanied by a young woman who not-so-happinly obliges to take on the copious facial she is being used for. In fact notice how she tries to supress the final spurts of the cumshot as though she could not take the whole facial properly! Anyway, this one is always a great one (alongside with the others I have of this specific shemale DIY performer) to enjoy because it does seem to be as close to straight porn as anything involving a he-she can get. And a good cummer is always more than appreciated!

Above: Another example of how the DIY internet circuit of shemales seems to be so much more effective than the mainstream porn industry. I mean let's be blunt and face the facts straight on (pun intended). First, if this chick did not have a cock, could you have told she was not 100% gentic female? I mean she is cute as heck and is extremelly passable as a female. Secondly, that fucking cock is beautiful, rock hard and oh so fucking delicious looking! Finally, that cumshot: this "girl" can shoot more than most guys in regular porn! No wonder this clip sort of wen viral in the shemale internet piracy circuit: it seems to feature all the perfect elements any fan of the genre would go for. I mean I am a sucker for it (not that THAT is any reference whatsoever!) because it is just so impressive and effective!

Above: BigCumShooter314 (I think that's his official handle!) is a guy who does to tributes what I have doing to the BBB for ages, in the sense that he developped a formulae, worked out a camera angle that works for his set-up, and sticks to it as though the camera itself was permanently fixed in the same angle. Basically, if it is a change of scenery and angles you are looking for you won't get it here... but in terms of cum volume, consistency and of course the Butter sceal of performance art, this is perhaps the closest I have found in the tributing circuit. I chose one clip here for this post at random out of the dozens he has on his Xhamster page, so I will link it here( if you wish to witness it for yourself. However, as I mentioned, his set-up is basically the same for all his clips, but his loads are quite impressive which makes him one of my personal favorites in the realm of DIY tributes online finds! I hope you enjoy!

Above: in terms of online classics, perhaps everyone who has ever seached for quite monstrous loads of cum in an independant do it yourself fashion has stumbled upon this clip at one time or another, shared and reposted all over the place by who knows how many people re-uploading it on various sites. As far as anyone can tell, this is a crossdresser, or transexual or lady-boy (or even a "sissy" I believe the post 2010 term is, but I'm not one to keep up with the fads of the moment) who just happened to record on camera an impressive load dribbling across a slightly angled surface. The effect is quite astounding as it is a visual treat, and one to enjoy in its complete form as well as a highly re-watcheability factor. OK so this isn't a high-pressure velocity spray, but as I said, the amount and effect are quite impressive, worthy to be enjoyed numerous times. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Here is a guy who knows how to use his talents and knows how to capture them on camera. His handle is, and I like this one, "Can't Stop The Cum", obviously a reference to how his cock seems able to spurt out these highly impressive cumshots, often without any external stimulation (i.e. hads-free!). Pretty much all his clips so far are worthy of not just one viewing but several indeed, which is why in my opinion he is a mandatory subscription in the do it yourself online only format of streaming clips. This one was chosen literally at random because it also happens to have been captured on super slow-motion, which accentuates and glorifies the unpredictable and natural beauty of what a cumshot actually is. Absolutely beautiful is all I can say!

Above: WARNING: HIGHLY GAY MATERIAL! As I have often written on this blog, I am far from a homophobe and in fact encourage multi-sexual open-ness and exploration. That is why I never really shun away from a good popshot, be it straight, bi, gay, trans, or... whatever! Of course there is always that lingering stigma especially in today's world where every teenag adolescent is out there with their cell phones to spread the hate, but seeing as how very little people, and one anonymous blogger who simply copies and pastes some of my posts directly into his blog (which is obviously a shameless scam to get people to click the links for paysites), I really don't feel that "judgement" on one's sexual preferences is of any relevance here. Anyhow, social commentary aside, a gay cumshot is a good cumshot when the lead cummer shoots like this guy. Seriously I would buy him lunch if he'd cum on my dolls and allow me to film it!

Above: I knew there was another one of those all-too rare Peter North with Jewel De'Nule sequences out there which, as far as anyone can tell, was never actually made part of any official film release. Probably also culled from a Suze Randall only photoshoot, this cumshot-only clip would fall under this blog's category because I do not think it was ever made available to the general public before the age of the internet, and if it did, it has long since disapeared from circulation, and remains one of all too many long lost pieces of porn historical footage. Hope you enjoy this little rarity (although online fiends are probably very well versed in it by now!)

Above: Well why not continue with a tad more Northian jizz? In this clip which was taken from a 90s flick obviously based on the "Wayne's World" movies, Peter pumps a decent amount of creamy Peter butter across this fake glasses wearing lady. What makes this one a unique internet find is that this is actually the "full" clip, complete with the post-cum BTS footage! You can't get that on a regular VHS movie, and I doubt this film, as well as its accompaniement BTS material, was re-issued on DVD... and even if it was, it has long been discontinued, now making it near impossible to find! Plus notice the image quality itself; this was obviously culled from a VHS tape and not original masters. I thought this would be an interesting addition to this post!

Above: And why not a third one for good measure? Although these were, as with pretty much (almost) all of Peter North material, previously available on official releases, it is a home-made fan created CUMPilation of scenes from the 90s era. So while the material is not necessarly exclusive to the internet, the fact it was created by a fan for internet sharing makes it right for this post. Plus who doesn't love more Peter North popshots, right?

Above: WHile on the subject of internet CUMpilations, I found one a while back featuring one of the UK's better spunkers, "Dirty Dog" Ian Tate (who has obviously retired for a years years now). I am sure many of these cumshots were culled from official movies (as I own a few of them myself!), there may be a few in this compilation which were originally designed for internet-only content. Whatever the case, this is obviously a homemade compilation which is why it fits perfectly in this post's main theme!

Above: Another classic from the 70s, this is like the other one I posted a few clips above. I do believe it is from the same chap who appeared in the aforementioned vintage clip (the dude who went on to play in those early 80s BBS Doctor Who episodes), as it seems to be a very consistent popshot in equal value as the one I described earlier. I recall reading a comment online referencing how some of these vintage 70s performers managed to produce such explosive climactic loads, saying something to the effect of "what did they put in the water back in those days?". Of course, being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I would retort "it's what they WEREN'T putting in the water back in those days!", coupled with how nutrition was somewhat better back then with less genetically modified foods, less fast food chain restos, and such things. Anyway, old porn does not mean bad porn (not always) and this is another great example why some spunkers should have been hailed as cum kings long before Peter North came along!

Above: Here is a classic example of pure 70s (or could it ever be the 60s?) porn loop material, and again a prime example as to while these are great internet finds strictly based on the fact that you just can not find stuff like this anywhere else, at least in terms of a physical format. WHoever posted this must have done their homework or stumbled upon some rarities transfered into digital format for preservation because this here folks, this, is a perfect example why there is so much porn that was recorded back in the day which not many people actually know about. It's a good little hummer (pun intended) and I hope you will find value in this good example of just how important it would be to create a porn historical preservation museum!

Above: Danny D in one of those internet-only scenes. In today's modern porn era, companies discovered pretty quickly that the only way to actually survive the incoming/ongoing storm of online material and piracy was to jump on the bandwagon and give the people what they want. No more humiliating trips to the local video store to rent out and then return a porn VHS/DVD which more often than not was rented essencially only for one performer/one scene only. Plus since the 90s gonzo format, porn has become more of a vignette type of product, the average porn film being 5 unconnected scenes barely linked together by either a prop, a fetish, or some kind of MacGuffin device. In the internet age, you can bypass the whole release format and go straight to one specific scene thanks to how most of today's internet porn companies operate. Danny D here signed a contract with Brazzers and shot so many internet-only scenes that it is almost impossible to keep up!

Above: a Danny D compilation of (mostly) scenes culled from the Brazzers internet-only content, as described above. In the hey days we used to do cumshot compilations on CHS tape, and then moved on to DVDr recordings, and now, internet leeches and pirates go straight to the source, making virtual cumpilation out of virtual data/material. You still must be in shock and awe at just how far we have become if any old (or young) Peter, Jack, or Dick can make a cumpilation of dozens of cumshots in one single sitting. Heck, I used to do 6-hour VHS CUMpilations which took YEARS to produce, since I only would rent 1 to 3 VHS tapes per week. That's about 3 to 15 cumshots a week, averaging (back in the 90s of course) about 20-60 seconds per cumshot... You do the math! Anyway, I hope you dig this Danny D CUMpilation!

Above: An unknown internet couple, taking take to protect the lady's anonymity, provides us with a great little blowjob and cum on her tits (and face!) clip. If you look closely at the first jets of cum streams, they clearly hit her face (off camera), and you see some of that facial cum dribble off onto her tits and the floor. This is a great example why for so many people, DIY amateur porn is far superior than what the mainstream companies are putting out. Yes, production values are generally worth shit, with amateurish camerawork and no decent lighting, but the sheer excitement and refreshing aspect of these one-offs moments is pure porn magyck! You simply can not really duplicate this kind of material, and even then, it still falls into the category of performance art, which I talked a bit about in both previous posts on this blog, as well as two specific clips I shares earlier on this post. Anyway, I really dig this particular clip here which is why I decided to share it with you all!

Above: "Fragmentz-Blasted Into Next Week", is the name of the clip, or at least the name someone gave it when they uploaded it, because once again it was downloaded and re-uploaded under various named all over the place, so figuring out the original source material is this side of impossible. So what makes this particular clip stand out against so many others? Well the volume of cum shot onto the lovely lady's mug to start with. Then, the lovely lady herself feels "real" and not too disgusted with the whole process, and thirdly the lighting is a bit different, not too artful, and yet not to brash; it seems like a good balance between pure unadulterated smut (which it is), and having a hint of originality, which is something most porn hounds really don't care about, but somthing which I myself enjoy to witness once in a while, especially when it elevates the clip to a level such as this!

Above: here is an internet couple who not only did more than just 1 clip, but actually made several on their DIY free tube site! AnjaGHH is the name under which they operated on various platforms (Xhamster and Tumblr to name two), and even though the lady never really showed her face to the camera, the way the clips were shot in no way felt like we weremissing anything. Plus the guy shoots cum like a champion, which is always a major plus in any given porn, so the result is deffinatly something I would stop and enjoy for a while! When I started discovering their material, I realized they were still active, and so I made it a point to contact them and mention how much it was appreciated to see material such as theirs. They released a few clips, but for the purpose of this blog post, I opted for a simple one which pretty much does describe what their cumshot clips are all about. There are obvious variations on the theme, but this one felt like it expressed their general aesthetics!

Above: I could not post an internet finds post without sharing at least a little bit of Lilu! And who, who has been online to search for cumshots, handjobs, facials, multiple ejaculations in one sitting, and "ruined" popshots, hasn't stumbled upon a Lilu clip or series of pictures? She has become some kind of online legend, and although her material isn't for everyone, it does encapsulate in this case what true online finds are all about. It is sad that I can not upload large files on this blog (read the part about Ann Darcy I wrote earlier up in this post) because one of Lilu's best clips is a mega large file where she jacks off a guy almost non-stop (well, stop and go, stop and go) a lucky prik who ends up cumming on her face 3 times without ever touching his own cock! Lilu is a true master in the domain of handjobs and jerking off, and also uses two lucky pricks (pun intended!) who make up the bulk of her material, who are also decent shooters in their own right! And if all of that was not enough to convince you, well how about the fact that Lilu doesn't back away from taking facials? Add it all up, complete with some of her setups and onscreen personae (which in her cold and calculated almost uncaring way, actually seems to work in the clips!), and you have masturbatory material for the cumshot fetishist galore! Too bad she doesn't release DVDs of her scenes for she'd have a customer right here!

Above: DIY online french cum donator "Aspergeur" - I do believe I already posted a clip of his earlier on in this post, but I thought why not stay in the handjob and jerkoff theme and provide you all with one of his clips. Generally speaking, we never see much more of him than his impressive cock and hands, along with his female ladies who also never reveal themselves (save for the clip I was talking about featured somewhere up in this post). The set-up is often very similar and production values are basically non-existant but for the general consumer of such material, quality matters not, especially when you have a guy who spunks the way he does! Again, more proofe that some of these DIY amateurs should be recruted by the major leaguers, because the legit porn business would only benefit from having more cum shooters like this guy! Hope you enjoy!
EDIT: I got confused: the clip ABOVE is the one with a lady who shows herself on camera (apparently he was recruited to shoot this scene for someone), while the clip BELOW is an example of the stuff he shoots himself for his own channel. Sorry about that folks!

Above: a "sissy" - I guess that's an actual term used online to describe a transexual, or a cross-dresser, who basically tries to look and act like a "girl" for the benefit of perverts watching. I was never one to be comfortable with labeling people in the first place, especially not sexually speaking, but whatever works in terms of attempting to identify and seperate this clip from the multitudes of others! Anyhow, this is another great online find because it would exist if it weren't for the blessing of the internet! Plus the dude/girl can pop an impressive load, which is why I believe many of these DIY clips are of better "quality" than most of the mainstream TS material being churned out. Again as I said, there are so many clips to choose from, and choosing this one out of any number of other was not easy, but if you can see the actual cumshot properly, I think you will understand why this one stands out a little bit more than some others.... not much, but a little bit!

Above: Another cam-T-girl, or lady boy, which I think may be going under the name of "Totty" or is it "Tatty"? Anyhow, there is quite a good number of material of his/her (hir) floating around online and so much in fact that I think someone actually made a CUMpilation of just Totty/Tatty stuff, but I can not seem to locate that one for the moment. Anyway, again as I said, you simply can not nor could not find anything quite like this with real mainstream porn, and thus belongs in the genre-specific internet-only content which is why it was added to this blog. Why this one above others? To put it simply, I just wanted to give an example of what is available out there to whoever is willing to try to hunt down the stuff, and how someimes the rewards reaped from said hunts is so satisfying, I imagine like Totty/Tatty must have felt after unloading this cumshot! Wow!

Above: a DIY using her phone to capture herself cumming. Another one of those DIY cam he/shes, which are quite the rage online for those who are into that specific niche, he/she would benefit from having a tripod and proper camera to capture the content. Not that I am complaining because he/she is quite cute, and can shoot a decent load! However much in the vein of almost all DIY porn material, the fact the performer is also the camera person means that production values suffer quite a bit, and in this particular case, we don't see properly enough the extent of the powerful cumshot.... but there is enough there to actually see it is a powerful jet! He/she has made more than just this one clip, and I know I must have at least one more, but seeing as how trying to identify these cam-only DIYers, I can not seem to find any additional info on this performer. At least we got this, a pure classic especially if you yourself have hunted down TS shemale material!

Above: an interesting different kind of tribute: The guy shot two tributes, each using only one side/half of the picture, and then re-edited both as if it was but one picture and two of his cocks spurting almost simultaneously! It may not be the best tribute in the world nor not the most convincing, but you have to give props to the guy for his ambitious attempt and creativity. Tributes are a dime a dozen online and you don't need to go to far to fall onto any number of them, but this one and it's clever use of the split screen, is deffinately worthy of being added to this post!

Above: another tribute, which I felt I needed to add to showcase what more regular tributes look like. I am not dismissing this one at all, and if it made it to this post, it means it is worth of being watched, although I feel I have already posted in previous entries over the past few years some of my favorite tributes. Re-posting them here would feel like re-heating an already warm meal, and would maybe lose it's effect, or worst yet, I would become redundant in the repetition of the material. But whatever you or I feel on the subject, the point is to enjoy this delightful cock spunking all over the picture of some anonymous lady - Hope you enjoy it!

Above: a solo guy, who is exactly what porn performance art is all about. Seriously, if you see his channel page, the first thing you notice is how all his clips feature the same camera angle, the same backdrop set-up, and basically the same action! Like Phycus would do during one of the later part of their career (pre-Unireverse), they would purpously repeat an action on stage at every single show, making it a piece of performance art. Use that philosophy on porn and you get this: if this isn't pure repetitive porn performance art, I do not know what is (at least I dress up my dolls differently and use different dolls from session to session!). But all of this put aside, you can not get pure delight like this in standard porn. The guy shoots like a water fountain, and it's always a pure joy to witness! If you enjoy explosive cumshots like I do, you can easily set aside the monotonous set-up (which as I said, I really don't mind at all!) and watch this guy cum almost HANDSFREE all the time only using a vibrator as a stimulant. I think that almost all of his stuff is worthwhile, and so I had to pick one out of the bacth to share with you all!

Above: a good mixture between a solo guy and a tribute: This guy is quite the jizzer as well, producing these highly copious cumshots almost all the time! And when you have a gift like this guy does, why keep it to yourself? Sharing with the rest of the world the way he does is what I like to call "giving back to the community", and I thank the online perverts for being allowed to witness stuff like this. Again, and I apologize for re-repeating myself, but why oh why don't they hire guys like this to cum all over the pretty ladies in porn? Anyway if you have read this far down from the post, you pretty much know what I am generally speaking and won't bore you with additional details. So I hope you enjoy this sample from this guy's material... And to quote pornstar Laurie Smith to a then young Tom Byrom from "Kinky Business", "Boy, you sure cum a lot!".

Above: Yes, another gay clip, and yes, like I said before, a good cumshot remains a good cumshot! In this clip, two gay guys jack each other off and one of them (who was sometimes refered to as "Kokeass" or something in that vein!) ends up shooting a monster load all over himself! This is another example of excellent online-only material and why some of this stuff is worth its own weight in gold (but if it's all virtual, then how to we calculate the weight?). It is material like this which makes me not be turned off by seeing two (or more) guys with each other, and why once in a while I enjoy watching this kind of cumshot action. But seriously, if you are not too homophobic (which I hope you are not!), and if you enjoy massive cumshots, how can you not be just a little turned on by a load such as this? This is deffinately why some of these clips are considered classics and why we should be enjoying them while we can!

Above: And what better way to end this post than with a guy and his sex doll? Yes I know, it is more like a UR3 or cyberskin torso toy than an actual doll, but I think you will understand the general principal! In this clip, one which has been in circulation for quite some time and on many, many tube sites out there, an asian guy with the medical condition known as hyperspermia manages to fuck his sex toy until he unleashes a monstrous cumshot all over the place! Now there has been many discussions as to how this could have been faked (such as shooting one's testicles with some kind of saline solution - OUCH!) or if it really is a case of hyperspermia, but the end result is the same: if you dig sex toys and you like big cumshots, this one should appeal to you as well! And hey, I had to add a sex toy clip to a post on THIS blog, right?

And So Ends
this blog post, this very lengthy blog post which took a few weeks, if not MONTHS to finalize as I was always adding more tidbits here and there to compliment the clips. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and that you too have found some stuff here appealing as I do. Of course, a post like this can not be attempted on a regular basis, but I should try to once in a while try to share with you all some of the better moments of porn found online. Thank you for taking the time to spend with me here, and I shall return soon!

And now for some pure personal vanity:

Above: Saar2016, a now deleted account on Xhamster, is the center of a blog post or permanent page I have been wanting to do for the longest time. Since I never seem to find the time, and seeing as how he/they are now retired, I thought I would share at least one clip of theirs on this post, which fits perfectly with the motif of the post!

Above: one of my first internet-only amateurs, Wifey herself, who was active back in the 90s, never stopped shooting material with her hubby for all these years (they surely must have passed the 20 year mark by now!). Of course, in order to survice, you must progress and change with the currents and the markets, and to my surprise, Wifey started doing other guys than Hubby a little while back, which obviously adds more spice to the mix! In the above clip, Wifey takes on another guy's load all over her face. There is even a slow-motion recap to top it off. And again, this fits with the concept of the post!

Above: RIP superstud Jon Dough and ex-convict Max Hardcore deeal a hefty dual facial popshot on Dough's lovely widow, Monique DeMoan. While Max's load is his usual self, Dough jerks off a massive one which makes Monique choke and gag! Deffinately one for my own personal vanity addition!

Above: A little anal, and then a good gooey facial!

Above: sexy european broad wearing glasses jacks off hungarian superstud James Brossman all over her face and glasses. Obviously this is pure self-indulgeance, so pay no mind to the nature of this clip!

Above: a small (7 minutes?) CUMpilation found online featuring various material, from official pornstar legit stuff to homemade DIY amateurs, the spunk just never stops in this little compilation, that is if you can watch the whole thing without cumming yourself!

Above: Latin oriented material obviously not quite homemade, but not up to the standards of European and American porn, but who cares when you got a smoking hot tamale latina getting blasted by a cock as full of cum as this luck prick?

Above: Another missing unicorn from my collection (I wish I could find/afford to have this film from which this scene is taken from, on DVD). From the 80s, Megan Leigh (one of the first pornstar suicides I remember hearing about) gets a good glazing from good old uncle Peter, back when he was just known as Peter North!

Above: One more with Peter North; actually this one should have made it in the official post instead of this bonus material section: someone compiled 3 cumshots from the late 80s/early 90s era but found 2 angles of each popshot and "montaged" them together. The result is this "6" mini CUMPilation featuring long gone stars of yesteryears. Hope you did (horrible low quality image however).

Anna Harrison Kemp
Above: A post I want to do soon about this blonde american wife of some guy who got exposed online with dozens upon dozens of hardcore pics. I will and should be doing a post in the honour of Anna Harrison Kemp, who took on massive facials from her hubby and the internet will unfortunately not let her forget about it!

Above: As above (the pic above this one), here is another online amateur who got a few of her "sessions" taken with photographs and published online over the years. I have no clue who she is but have seen her pics circulate online for years, and recently stumbled upon a whole boatload of these, which makes me want to make a proper blog post about her with all these pics I have accumulated. In the meantime, this is simply a teaser preview to get things going! (If anyone knows her name or where to get more of her stuff, I am all ears!)

Here is another un-named anonimous amateur I found a few dozen pics of online (no hardcore, no nudity), but she really appealed to me... And before I even contemplate making a real proper blogpost about her (and thus exposing her some more!), I just want to say this quote I cam up with the moment I found her clips (and yeah it's a Butter original quote): "With a rack like that she never needs to take a facial"...!

"Hey lady, there's a toll booth ahead" - "How about I extract the exact change out of you?"
"Guys! There's a girl at this party you just have meet! She is really friendly!"

Above: This guy has a mega powerful cumshot and he has dozens of clips online: I will one days make a full post about him and his lovely cumtarget wife!

Above: I did not know how to end this post with my freebie bonus self-indulgeance stuff so I stumbled upon a piss-oriented clip featuring legit european pornstar Claudia Rossi, and thought this was a good as any moment to say goodbye for the moment and wish everyone a wonderful day!