Saturday, February 17, 2018

Introducing: 1/6 scale fetish outfits for Bdolls!

starring our superbly lovelies SAVANNAH and KIMORA LEE SIMONS

Taken the night before on a semi-empty shelf, without proper lighting

Taken the night before on a semi-empty shelf, without proper lighting

Taken the night before on a semi-empty shelf, without proper lighting
Alright my fellow lovers of all things miniaturist-related, cum fetishists and Bdoll enthusiasts, here it is, the official unveiling of the latest Bdoll fetish outfits I teased and tantalized in my previous Friday Febuary 16th 2018 post (the one without any pictures at all)! Now if you already read my quite long-winded and excrutiatingly detailed picture-less post, you may actually notice that I will be repeated a few of the things I said in that post. But seriously who cares now that this one is up and running and has plenty of pictures to satiate all our perverted needs! Heck, I am so stoked about this that I actually posted ALL the pictures I took, eben the three crummy ones from the night before in my now almost unliveable room. Suffice it to say I really am quite excited about these even though they are not exactly made for the Bdoll form, and that I may end up not using these in an active manner for my BBB sessions. ALl these reasons where explored in quite precise detail in that Feb 16 post, so again I apologize if what I type here is basically a repeat of what I already wrote before!

Hmmmm... looks like I should have re-adjusted KLS' top as it doesn't seem to hold anything back!

I saw a picture online of a Phicen doll who wore that little "thumb" strap on her middle finger, so I will re-adjust these on my Bdolls, as perhaps that is the proper way to put these darn things on!
So as you can see, these pictures were taken at my workplace, somewhere around 06h20-06h30 when I arrived at my workplace before anyone else. This was a decision which I decided upon most probably on the morning itself when I woke up around 4am (yeah, it's gotten to that point for the last months now-our bodies adapt to the schedule regiment we impose upon it) or maybe even hinted at in between moments of consciousness and not-so conscious unconsciousness (sub-consciousness?) the night before. Long story short (too late!), I got the outfits on Thursday febuary 15th 2018 and immediately tried to fit them on Bdolls I knew I would NOT be cumming directly upon in the foreseeable future (Savannah being an obvious choice, although I still have quite a few surprises in store for both her and you, the fearless and sexually aroused readers as I am!). The reason for this decision to fit the outfits on Bdolls I would not be cumming onto was because or the rather cheap and flimsy type of material used on the outfits itself. Again, and I fear I may repeat myself so I will attempt not to do so, inviting you who may not have read the previous teaser post with all the details to go back to my text-only post from Friday Febuary 16th 2018 for perhaps a better and more coherent explanation of why I came to this decision. Wow, OK so where was I? Oh yeah, put the outfits on Bdolls you know you won't be directly cumming ONTO in the foreseeable future due to the rather flimsy and easily degradeable material this fetish outfits were made out of. So Savannah is an easy choice for very obvious reasons (and if you did not know this by now, well maybe I should take the opportunity and say "shame on you!" for not following my blog with the same consistency I would like to imagine I pretend I do myself! Ahem, I digress and offer apologies, deeply rooted, if I have offended anyone. But back to the issue at hand... And MAN these dolls in these outfits are fucking sexy as a fucking motha fuckin' Bdoll fetishist's wet dream ten fold!

In case you are wondering, yes: my job's kitchen area has magazines and books lying around for people to enjoy

Oh and in case I did not mention it already, both Savannah and KLS' outfits did not come with these shoes or boots: these are from my own collection, as viewed numerous times through countless BBB sessions!

After getting caught in the kitchen, I moved the dolls nearer to my work desk, here atop a small printer/copier

So maybe to finally drive this one homebound would be to once again say to refer to the picture-less post I made on Friday febuary 16th 2018 where I pretty much explained how I was pretty much caught almost with the proverbial pants down taking these pics at work before anyone (or so I thought) were at work, seeing as how my usual (i.e. read: home, but not for long) safe areas to take Bdoll fetishistic pics were now out of option/possibility. Anyway to wrap things up, these outfits were obviously made for NON B-doll 1/6th scale dolls in mind as I have to "damage" (modify) portions of these outfits to somewhat fit my dolls in the first place, but it was a chance I was taking when I ordered these fetish outfits in the first place (which is why I only ordered 2 instead of my originally intended 4 or 6!) seeing as how I could not find any online reference to see if these Kumik/Phicen-friendly outfits would actually fit the muse model Bdolls I intended these outfits to be used for. And so now that I have come all this way at this time I can honestly say, complete with the picture-less post I have been urging you to use as a main reference, these outfits are NOT compatible with Bdolls, model muse or otherwise, unless you are willing to damage these 20-30$ (in USD currency no less!) each outfit to fit your lovely Bdolls. Granted they look FANTASTIC and impossible to resist on the Bdolls once the trickery and careful manipulation is done, but in the end, they are rather a cheap material and production and much too expensive to be a viable format to customize and render the BBB experience (especially at this point) to invest upon. I mean, maybe somewhere (or sometime) like a decade or so ago this would have been a viable investment (anyone here remember the 2005-2006 KAtt and Kaylie`s Klub sessions?) but now that we are closing in the final chapters of the BBB (yes folks: I have been hinting about it for almost 10 year now: I will retire eventually!), is it really worth it to invest such an amount of money for outfits which won't last more than a few sessions each (reference: the silver outfit sessions I have been sharing over the past 1-2 years, and again refer to the feb 16 post|)?

Finally I moved to my desk area where the main lights were still closed and I used the flash to take the final pics!

And now Savannah (and KLS) are actually on my work desk, on the only area which isn't completely submerged in total paperwork hell!

This pic is unrelated but when I saw this part of the portal online I use as part of yet more work duties imposed upon me (I haven't talked about these yet), I could not resist... "Cum Injury"? It is as though the online portal knew I had brought a couple special friends with me at work today!
In the end, a part of me only wants to say "too little too late", but another part of me realizes that the potential is nthewre and it is quite incredible. Aside from the cheap ebay sellers selling these rather flimsy outfits on ebay at a price which should be at least half of what they are asking for, there are quite a few active other custom Bdoll sized clothes designers out there online who do decent and somewhat acceptably priced outfits for Bdolls. I found on Etsy a few "artists" worthy of pursuing depending on what you are looking for and ho much you are williong to pay. To finish this post off (as by this point if you have not noticed, I am quite drunk seeing as how I am writing this in fleeting moments in between drinks and breaks) all I want to say is that these outfits would be absolutly exquisite if they were actually designed with the Barbie doll model in mind, and if they were sold at a more reasonably price. But for the time being they are quite effective and offer enough of sexy tease and whatnot to make these more than welsome additions to my own harem. Anyway tomorrow (as I write this) I am supposed to spend most of my day shopping around with my wife running errands, so I should be keeping an eye out for accessories and other items which would make the acquisition of such items of clothing more easily customizeable for the BBBdolls. Anyway, enjoy these pics, and hope they offer you a similar level of hornyness as they do me! Gotta run; married life calls me!